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Help me find an old map
de_rats yes! Thanks for all your suggestions. And that goes for everybody else too.
Help me find an old map
Thank you so much! This looks very familiar, the floor specifically. What happened to this map? Is it still played in any way? https://all-cs.ru/storage/styles/medium_size/public/screenshots/cs16/de...
Help me find an old map
Neither, really. Everything is inside a house, but again, in dollhouse scale. Everything around you felt really big. A simple chair was like a mountain on your screen.
Help me find an old map
No, it was definitely inside, a lot of wood I think, but thanks for trying. I should add that the map could still be in the pool, I just assumed it's old and forgotten.
KennyS not in top 5
I wouldn't use KennyS as an example, though, that's your example. For me, KennyS is in a team that will never be enough to support him so he makes himself kind of irrelevant. You said it yourself, the...
KennyS not in top 5
Agree. He could make top 20 because of achievements in the team, though, even if he shouldn't. Fallen, over 2017, is probably outside top 50. Very bad year for him. I can't believe he managed to win s...
KennyS not in top 5
Have you seen Fallen play this year? It's just recently he started to frag again. The rest of the year he was probably one of the worst performing players of all top teams in the world. Really terribl...
fnatic vs OpTic
Indeed. I still like Olof. Can't blame him for leaving Fnatic when he did. Nothing looked good at that time and he gave them several chances before giving up. He isn't what he used to be, though, as h...
fnatic vs OpTic
Don't know if you can have two favs, choose one! I'm guessing Fnatic is your oldest favorite? That is the right pick then. We also know FaZe can't beat Fnatic for some reason, so we know Fnatic will w...
fix astralis
I love to see Xyp9x in a clutch, it's like flusha, you know something brilliant is going to happen. That doesn't mean he's safe, though. Most of the games and most of the rounds have no clutches at al...
The Dark
Yes. Godless is a new one. Western show on Netflix. Deep drama.
NiP has fixed their vetoes, this is common knowledge. No one in the scene has criticized them for the last tournaments about the veto. In fact, the analysis seems to be the opposite. They are positive...
New FaZe super team
Rain is worth 2 boltz. He is everything boltz is and A LOT more.
Sleep problem
Sleep during the day is worth a little more, so you're more than fine. You should, in fact, try to sleep less during the day and your nights should get longer by default. Not because of health reasons...
-karrigan + ?
Yes, they won before but not in the same manner. They changed players, I think, because of the result at the major. I don't think it had anything to do with SK. They changed players after the major be...