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NiP vs AGO
Well, they only lost 1 game so fair play to NiP. I don't know why they lost the first one, but every analyst has said it for years -- playing against online tier 2-3 teams is dangerous for everyone.
NiP vs AGO
Good argument, I'm convinced. This is not a real event, this is an online event which means cheating. AGO didn't cheat, though, and NiP did win, so I was right. Lekro is less of a talent than Draken...
NiP vs AGO
Hardest 2-1 match possible for NiP, but that's probably good news. NiP plays better against real teams and AGO is a real team now. Also, the possibility of AGO cheating is almost zero in comparison to...
NiP vs Nordavind
Please understand that Krimz getting back to form, and flusha being better than usual, is the reason fnatic won 2 tournaments in a row all of a sudden. Golden had failed for months and months before t...
Olof crying in the corner
Let's count at the end of 2018 again.
Well, if Fnatic doesn't get him within 3-6 months, you may be right. If they do, I wouldn't count on that at all.
Olof crying in the corner
Winning tournaments > not winning tournaments.
Over that period of time, it is a big failure, yes. You can't look at the two latest results and just forget the rest. August 2017 until now is the timeframe you should be looking at. Xizt may not be ...
Olof crying in the corner
Yes, you keep winning useless online games and semi's and we keep winning grand finals. Sounds good to me. Doesn't matter if your stats are 100-5 if 5 of those are grand final losses against Fnatic or...
FaZe >>> Fnatic
We beat you in a bo3 and in a bo5 in the same tournament. I understand it's hard to get over it, but it is true. Sure, you beat us in two semi-finals before that, but you usually end up losing your gr...
They didn't win anything before Katowice. He joined in August 2017, not a month before Katowice. He had A LOT of time and he did very little with the team or took too long doing something at all. 6+ m...
You don't know anything about the situation. They went on 0-3 at Star, didn't spend any time together after that and their whole boot camp before had been really bad. So something is up with the chemi...
Coldzera & NiKo
The difference is everybody else is so much more skilled now, individually I mean. SK has nothing on that front apart from Cold, and fer if they're lucky. They're slowly turning into what VP were befo...
ESL facebook live not 60fps?
24 fps vs 60 fps. You should visit a doctor mate.
HellRaisers vs fnatic
They crushed ESL and ECS online (undefeated until the end where the games didn't mean anything) last season, CLEARLY the best team in the world online during half a year. Then they went to LAN, two st...