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ZONIC wins "Coach Of The Year 2019"
more grabbz than adren for sure, if you look at the personalities on g2. And G2 has remained at the top since may they were one of the favourites going into worlds and rightfully so they made finals. ...
ZONIC wins "Coach Of The Year 2019"
well when he joined they had a turn around moment when they won everything for like 6 events so i think he influenced something
ZONIC wins "Coach Of The Year 2019"
same goes for zonic they had shitty results after the first major and before the second one, if u for an example look at grabbz he made his team better every step of the way until they failed at one t...
ZONIC wins "Coach Of The Year 2019"
yea but doesnt make the team consistent does it, they didnt win a single event between the majors
ZONIC wins "Coach Of The Year 2019"
They have won what 4 tournaments this year? And how many tournaments are there in a year? I think grabbz deserved it more or even fucking Adren but not zonic.
worst caster
Fuck henry though interrupting Semmler every chance he gets.
Still more than zeus.
13 Reasons Why S3
Yea i think so, emotionally the last episode of the 3rd season was insane.
13 Reasons Why S3
its good.
and your name and flair say what about you?
What Era?
VP 0-3 was obvious
its about one player versus a whole country, not a nation vs nation thing
VP 0-3 was obvious
hey turkistan theres more african players combined than there are people in poland, and he forsure is better than all those polish toilet cleaners
VP 0-3 was obvious
who in poland is even good tell me xD pasha the plumber? pubg byali?
VP 0-3 was obvious
ropz better than whole polish scene combined xD