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god you're brain dead if you think it's rigged.... smh
Autimatic isnt top 5 NA
If you win, you typically have better stats. If you lose, you typically have worse stats. Liquid is the much better team, so those players are going to shine more.
Blast haters come here
They're great for the top 8 teams. That's all that matters right? Kappa
Last book you've read
The Fart of War by Sun Tzu
GoT who will die?
Brienne for sure. Her character arc is complete now. Theon, too. His story has no more development left.
Good in 1.6 Suck in GO Player
Zeus has been successful is CS:GO in other ways rather than raw skill (aim, movement). He's done it by being the captain of Na'Vi. I'm not even a Na'Vi fan but it's foolish to say he's a flop because ...
No scene countries
That's the basic foundation of USA. It's a melting pot of people all over the world.
Hardest interview question
"Tell me about yourself. Who are you?" -- such a broad question.
+1 you really understand how stupid people are on HLTV from this thread
Best rapper alive?
NAS, Jay Z Kendrick Lamar will be great too
Polar Vortex USA
how dare you use data on this site. SAD
Team Liquid
Liquid can't beat Astralis because of the skill deficiency. It's because they can't beat them tactically. I don't think Stewie changes that.
Niko should be top 2
Worst major finalist? Probably Team Liquid when they got spanked Worst major winner? Probably Gambit
Perfect life for you
Fulfilling job that isn't stressful Plenty of time for family and friends Enough $$$ to travel 3-4 times / year and buy nice things ($250k - $1M ?)
Perfect life for you
That's super creepy bruh