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fer Ex or Current girlfriend?
Current by far... the ex is very futile...
Countries to visit in January 2020?
Colombia... try Cartagena, San Andres Island and Providencia Island... its a paradise...
NIKO was 1 2017
Cold x niko 2017 summarized in a video:
Bravado vs INTZ
Intz will be Kng, Chelo, Xand, Yel and destiny
Cold on TOP 10
He is the MIBR_OVERRATED... this kid loses time everyday just to say shits about mibr and brazilians....
I think it will be FNX...
He is talking about player not team... yes its jealousy...
Thank you for your jealousy...
Its a hltv meme...
mibr? roster lock is comming
Lg is not picking fnx anymore... i think he will join mibr.. See bczz's personal video on youtube
malaysia mh370
He must have fallen in the southern Indian Ocean and there is nothing there and no country knows about such an extensive area... Some parts of the plane appeared on the coast of Madagascar if I'm not ...
malaysia mh370
in the Indian Ocean
malaysia mh370
every trajectory that the plane made flying on the border between countries, the return to not invade the air space of Sumatra is not done with problems ...
malaysia mh370
To respondendo ao Cold_beast
malaysia mh370
1st there is no flaw that makes a boeing 777 run out of communication only if it disintegrates in the air... 2nd The plane continued to fly for another 6 hours after losing communication. 3rd.. There...