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Brazilians peed on karrigan
Made by paintbrush... 0/8 Bait
Maj3r lying
I think that was water or beer... here always there are retards that throw up liquids... splashed on him and he thought that was a spit... if someone spit on you at the least would look outrageous an...
So please free to rekt yourself by saying bullshit...
Who watch UFC know that's just a shout to emotionally destabilize the opponent.... Never in any event here there was some kind of aggression... Do you know that the objective of the game is to kill t...
Expect nothing.. and nothing happenned...
MAJER AND SK Note that he walks normally without any problem
No more BR events.
Your bait is 0/8... Beucase janela = Window in english... Cache or dust2 dont have Window...
No more BR events. No more EU Events too by your logic...
Sk should be disqualified Look the places... and here people wasnt screaming A or B
Sk should be disqualified
look major boston,mlg columbus, katowice, the are many examples... stop crying
ESL Belo Horizonte
Money... facebook paid more to stream...
Sk should be disqualified
So for your logic all fans are retarded... all home fans do this...
casters overhyping
You need to stop to watch tv... its afecting your brain
SK vs Space Soldiers
Avoid headshot... whoever defends usually leaves the crossbow at head height...
Sk should be disqualified
Already crying??