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G2 vs Liquid
amanek is real nooobie
edward has to go and zeus definetely has to go. bot is better than zeus. he has no aim no reflex no sense no gamemind no trigger disiplin, he is nothing.
shroud in C9: 150-200k dolar in a year shroud with stream and social media: 1-2 million dolar in a year. that is the why he is brillant. vs Astralis
Virtus Bots , world's most losing semi-pro team. Congratulation for new record :)
MIBR vs Natus Vincere
These brazilians and americans must play FPL. They have no aim no gamemind, no passion. coldzera thinks; i m best i m legend, i m the best. you were man you were, you are nothing since 2017.
Astralis vs MIBR
MIBR = NEW VP, Different countries, different players but same destiny. please just retire mibr, u are not a team, just playing with good players but dont forget, cs:go is a teamplay
BIG vs HellRaisers
gob b is a chubby fast food lover, thats it.
Astralis vs North
north won with very spesific russian tactic: "RAJ Bi DAWAY DAWAAAAAAY"
mousesports vs North
north is rly noob or what? very simple tac, u have to contol long, no long control no win.
HellRaisers vs mousesports
LOOOOL. No mid control, no win. thats it
Liquid vs MIBR
What happened to Coldzera. He was GODzera he was playing always aggresive , what happened to his passion, he was a legend but now he is playing like a support player. And i m looking to his face , he ...
FaZe vs Liquid
nitro is so bad with awp,
FaZe vs Space Soldiers
amazing 1-8 and then 15-1
NRG vs North
north deserved to lose. what a stupid tacs. 4 a 1 b. and after the plant run together for die. lol. silver tacs. vs NiP
of course ez for nip. 15-1. maybe vp can take the first round. VP tier 9999 team in 2018.