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FURIA vs fnatic
exactly, also yuurih position was big XD
FURIA vs fnatic
furia 10 sec left and both players on b with aggresive positions wtf
G2 vs fnatic
holy krimz
faze with coldzera
not even much firepower if u look back at their previous games, niko olof and rain all playing so inconsistent and mostly just not up to theirs standards vs Tricked
2-0 vs NiP, 2-0 vs mouz 1-3 vs Tricked vp :/ vs Tricked
snax on second pistol made it for vp almost unwinable, but when i thought they may still have it, they lost to usp at 10-10 unluko
FaZe vs Renegades
please faze just win this
Renegades vs DreamEaters
i mean this 0-2 matchups should be DE vs Nip/North RNG vs North/Nip
Renegades vs DreamEaters
starladder robbed my pickem points :((( this 2 teams shouldnt play eachother when in the other 0-2 match is NiP and North... fk
3-0 pickem come
for you yeah for sure :D don't see them winning vs north
3-0 pickem come
ofc, but looks like renegades will dodge 0-3... dont understand why they play vs dreameaters and the other matchup is north vs nip, this will fk up my 0-3 pick most likely :<
Is frankie retarded? /closed
ENCE vs Vitality
Was worth to pick ENCE as 3-0 team FeelsGoodMan
FaZe vs CR4ZY
I agree also i feel like they became worse skill wise or just the others got stronger idk
FaZe vs CR4ZY
If not NEO this would end way faster, he saved them in 2nd round with 4k in 2vs4 retake and later in the game he won 1vs3 to keep faze alive in the series