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Modern Warfare
i get your point, i felt the same after finishing the campaign, but then i thought that they left some room for a sequel and we can get another amazing story. on the other hand it's really hard to lov...
Modern Warfare
as #47 said, it takes place in 2019 and while some of the events have been brought from the previous universe eg. chernobyl assault, this is a new story, even [SPOILER ALERT] gaz is black and you get ...
Modern Warfare
it's not a prequel it's a reboot - things happen in the same universe with the same characters but mw1-mw3 never happened here
Modern Warfare
i especially like the way they handled things that are usually hard to animate - walking upstairs, face mimics, and all the complex animations you see during the actual gameplay and not the cutscenes....
Modern Warfare
kinda messy with all the reboot stuff and the characters but i like the campaign=amazing graphics, animations, sounds and story and i've always been buying cods for singleplayer. multi is a campfest a...
I will R8 your keyboard
that's a 2014 keyboard but ok, blue switches clicks gives me boner
I will R8 your keyboard
cm storm quickfire tk with blue switches <3
aristocracy MUCH better name+logo
Aristocracy is such a good name
are there any games to have fun
what does "to have fun" mean for you?
ESL One Cologne Open Qualifier bracket
i don't think so the gotvs aren't public edit: unlees someone streams their pov i guess
everyone has crisp aim against vp
Virtus pro IEM
u my hero brother, didn't even know they play those quals
Which Jennifer?
jennifer connelly >
Szpero #1 this year
not worse than snatchie in any way