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RIP Astralis
And virtus pro who can be upset this year so far :D
Top 20 players 2018: 13th
No autimatic ?? best player in c9 win major 2 tournaments rating -1
FaZe new fifth
this is no sens karrigan worst than snax snax at support planter has rating around 1 karrigan not igl -0.90
FaZe new fifth
Sure but i think 100% it not will be bntet probably cromen he has playstyle like snax thats guys can come nor 4th firepower
FaZe new fifth
In my opinion 5th player of faze must be who can take the role of karrigan not IGL but the be the plazer with brain He could be Snax Maybe or somthing like that i know snax is isnt in form benched bu...
Why Navi is n2
yaaa sure maybe its na true
new Snax, byali team
WHo can buy byali snax innocent and toao snax 200k byali maybe 300k innocent + toao 150k for sure
15€ Prize Pool Lodon Major Predictions
Device NAF Woxic Snatchie f0rest
Faceit Major Winner
In my opinion: 25% Navi 20% Astralis 15% Liquid 15% mouz 15% faze 5% vp/g2/fnatic/mibr
Major is comig for sure PAsha neo byali must be in this lineup Morelz play so bad in this tournaments they need 1 player who can play at snax form or better In poland teams is so strong to find bur in...
Michu-ENTRY Snatchie\Szpero-SNIPER Snax- lurker /second sniper Byali - Senond entry/ support furlan/Toao- IGL Thats the best lineup. If snax dont be here maybe Gruby replace him.
VP fix
Szpero its better becouse he can be IGL if furlan dont do this good .
VP fix
Szpero Byali Michu Furlan Rallen This is the best options maybe after Major