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Movistar Riders vs mousesports
Routine Job? There’s no such thing about my job. Indeed, he has his cs-Career after school while his friends have football pratice. He should still be 100% focused
Movistar Riders vs mousesports
Don’t be.
Movistar Riders vs mousesports
That’s a more reasonable complaint. Would buy that argument
Movistar Riders vs mousesports
So? I work from 8 to 5-6(geting my kids ready for preschool and takeing them there before that) , handling all house chores after that, takeing care of my 2 children mean while. makeing them go to sle...
Movistar Riders vs mousesports
Bymas 7-17 against moviestar riders. Long day again maybe?
United Nations WTF
Fallen helps Honoris
Perfect timeing to become a coach now that every team will need a new one, lol.
zehN to c9
Brazilians use to bait or fake flagers use to bait with a BR-flag, and this was obviously a bait.
zehN to c9
Your first comment?
cadiaN's message to oBo
Kids until turning 20 (in my opinion) / I'm 30.
They once had Golden Five and AGO on the rise (the lineup with phr, snatchie, TOAO, etc). That's something isn't it?
What's the issue with Oskarish? -Doin a good job in every lineup -Getting sacked by every team Wierd personality or what's the deal with him? Any polish insights?
zehN to c9
I won't get baited by the flag of yours
zehN to c9
zehN is great, but godsent are doin good atm. RN it looks like c9 would be a downgrade for him
I've been watching some (3-4) CPH games and both mertz and mankz have been outstanding (faceing pretty low tier teams though). hooxi and refresh looks like a better option than acilion and innocent a...