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Does flusha or other pro players cheat?
Mid 2015 Flusha was the most discussed and hated player in the world. and then he delivered that kind of performance on LAN. noone can tell me that while beeing in the spotlight he was cheating offlin...
Faceit Anticheat
you don't know shit plebs, faceit ac is an advanced anticheat, ofc not better than esea cuz it's not that intrusive but it would ban your shitty copy pasta hooks all day cuz you're plebs with no idea ...
Fallen out of top 20
Top 20 awpers of csgo
#Xyp9x #Flusha #Krimz #Taco you're welcome
Xyp9x and clutches
clutches are the highest impact plays possible. you basically win a round which most of the players won't win. and it's not about only that single round. as a result(opponent maybe moneybroke) you win...
arguably the "goat" band?
kick pansy ffs
kids and also the cs community in general it's the football(soccer) of esports. a lot of low iq, low manner plebs.
kick pansy ffs
kick yourself. who are you? go to bed.
3 best raw aimers of all time (csgo only)
it's Magisk - deal with it.
Olof most overrated?
olof is still one of the best. different role does not mean he's bad :D. noobs everywhere. you could make a super team with niko, coldzera, s1mple, dupreeh, device and then 2-3 of this players gonna h...
HLTV top 20 leaked
Flusha #1-20. thank me later.
Worst Players Of 2018
you're drunk
Worst Players Of 2018
get_right neo
Reading the bible