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best nick
Poland vs Lithuania
but why people from this region so butthurt ? or they trying to be tough? or just dumb and can't understand banter?
Poland vs Lithuania
Actually it's pretty funny because me and a friend were just saying how this Lithuanian guy at work can't take jokes, is it you? All these Lithuanian, Romanian, Belarus, Serbian most butthurt people...
world cup surprise
yeah bcs too many gypsy in the country stealing the ball instead of training
world cup surprise
dumb cucks, you don't think the Arabs paid for final spot already? They went Harrods and asked for WC Final spot and now got it...after they will rape everyone in the stadium
RandomRambo FPL
lol these fankids won't believe shit, so funny how they're defending a pedophile then probably posting about how mohammed is a pedophile in another thread and then subbing to RR The guy is a fucking ...
tbh Basketball is a really fun sport to watch, that other shit you guys play is just cancer to the brain
hold on can you refresh my memory, when I stopped following Cavs were a shit tier team and then James went there and now I'm hearing they've been in finals 4 years running against Warriors? wut?
LOL fns got so mad he rushed the cl final
I wonder how Ramos would react if actually got beaten up...would he scream and dive? or would he just instantly die as he obviously can't even absorb small barges and pushes lel
Posting Soccer Threads On A Csgo Forum
only happens once a year...but this year will happen a lot actually.
Racists come here.
lol you're uneducated.
$600.00+ a week
did either of you two go to LANS consistently and perform well? that's how you get known, but you newfags of this generation think some other faggot will hit up your dms and ask you to join pro team ...
hate tweeday
he hasn't got annoying face, Germans are just autistic and robotic looking, I work with a lot of Germans, they have as much character as the desk they're sitting on.
found dazed hanging in my backyard :D
so basically no one will understand it because no one plays gay games apart from you.