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Why do great rappers die so young?
not true, Eminem is alive
he is warming up with team, when he fit in the team he will be better imo
xantares heating up, major will be interesting
What is your country known for?
What is your country known for?
There are many things that im uncomfortable with them but if we hadn't accepted them, I wouldn't have been happy by now, almost all countries rejected them except educated scholar etc, atleast we dont...
BIG vs HellRaisers
W0xic can prevent xantares but will be hard
What is your country known for?
we are happy to host syrians because we have still humanity over all. stupid armenian
Turks come here pls
best destination if you are not rich, very cheap quality vacation, either way if you are rich there is many options to have best vacation
BIG vs Spirit
xanta was unlucky he played first matches on LAN, he was under pressure, lets see how it goes
Turks Stop Arguing
notsamsunggalaxys3 and smhmyhead spawning instantly when they saw any "turk" word in recent activities, how strange! fakeflaggers
German Turks
we threw that clumsy ignorant unskilled people to germany in 70s, we happy about it, nobody wants to leave his country except them
FaZe picking up AdreN over XANTARES?
still using same brain
you right, they only knows begging and complaining all about except themselves
turkish cs
i live in a cave and i type this msgs from fridge.. sry for late too cold here LUL
FaZe picking up AdreN over XANTARES?
CIS brain..