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FaZe vs G2
reason why kids should not bet
Met Fallen
i did not meant to offend you at all,if i did offend you i am sorry :( . Just wanted to ask how people actually ask these questions "are you a girl?" when you look like a guy overall
Met Fallen
yeah you look feminine but i still could tell you are guy at single glance . i even dunno how ,probably instinct XD
Met Fallen
i dunno how people cant tell that you are a guy lol ,but i am happy for you. You are not one of those HLTV users who hide behinde screens and are only keyboard warriors ^_^
S1mple truth
ej dirst vienkarsi .pats tu esi fake flageris, daunis jobanais. nav brinums ka anime fans,bezsmadzenu radijumi viss hltv
S1mple truth
......... moron . You probably even fake flaging so there would be even more hate for brazilians at gaming community .Good job . Pretty sure you are from scandinavian countries or denmark around 14-1...
Einstein approves your message from science point not war ofc
rate her [25+]
6/10 , nice legs tough XD
S1mple truth
can u stop baiting and go back to your banned account? i guess with these facts Forest>coldzera or Neo>coldzera GTR>coldzera . Past is a past and taco had important role to add at these your FACTS, ...
S1mple truth
saying a guy who does not even know how entry frag works and then compares baitzera >s1mple. No taco no coldzera kapish
S1mple truth
i hope this guy never reproduce ,we already got enough idiots around the world -.-
So he is stupid because following his dreams?I guess then white death was stupid too because he protected his own dream and your whole country dream .....
Ninja disgusting!!!!!
i don't even know this guy called ninja,first time hearing this name lol. i checked this post because i thought someone made really sick ninja defuse lol
s1mple GOAT?
how can s1mple be goat? I mean last time i saw him ,he looked human at least to me....