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CSGO is "dying"
yet you forgot there is private servers like dm,kz,pub and so on + faceit ,esea clients and list keeps going. Have not played these games but are they region locked too? Meh these cs:go haters ,if ...
CSGO is "dying"
Does fortnite has ranking system? Not sure it has it, but probably if it does not have it then you get 99 random people with skills from just downloaded game to someone who plays months
Blind from 1 eye
i am not expert on it and i am not blind with 1 eye either,just my thoughts that with 1 eye is harder to keep track on everything whats happening on the screen comparing to both eyes,but with enough ...
hypocrisy at its finest . You see these kinda guys all over HLTV
Ninja wow
but he does it to gain more with this.I don't know what planet you live in but in our planet people are quite selfish ,especially these days. Actually humans always has been selfish which you can ...
Ninja wow
did i said this is bad what he is doing somewhere? Only retard is you who can not read and assume things.i am Just saying he is using this for publicity and that's all in long term he will gain more...
I just fucked your grandma AMA
at least pay for funeral not run away like a little kid from your responsibilities
NBK > G2
why?kennyS is not in a form obv problems will occur ....... He was whiffing shots left and right past these games.,even whiffing easy shots .....
Ninja wow
i feel bad for people like Simk397 . No offense, but you will be cheated quite a lot ,if you trust so much in people to the point of defending them , to the point of answering anyone who thinks he ...
ISSA woxic stickers
He said: " we are already starting to work on our autographs for stickers, what do you think?" *shows woxic and issas autographs* eksde
Rate very HOT girl
you guys sure have lot of time to spare to browse instagram. Would not faster be just to go to pornhub or something?
Gla1ve or karrigan
reason they are playing good is because of puggy style you mention it.Its lets star players to do what they want and sometimes it's working out.Sometimes free play style is good when you have team who...
I PLAYED VS GET_RIGHT and feel complete now.
you're welcome :)
Girls that smoke
maybe hot at early years but at 30-35 will look like grannies .but if you are into it why not
Girls that smoke
well its true weed can be used for medical purpose example for seizures. But some people will never know and bash you for it?We live in fucked up world ...