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NBK and apEX
i agree.He loses MM matches to random people in stream then tilts about it + accusing they cheat.If you can not take a lose than why even playing this game...it was around 2 years ago when he Q aga...
isn't it too low to look scary as 210?You are practically stick with minimum ideal weight without muscle mass lol
you call all that make up beautiful? :o
10/10 girl?
bro,she looks like a dude with tits and long hair ....... but whatever row your boat
10/10 girl?
s1mple destroyed NaVi.
Yeah , reason why HLTV is joke now.Too many kids with too much free time :(
s1mple destroyed NaVi.
i did not see any posts that FNX destroyed SK from anyone(even tough he did) ,but from Brazilians i see these kind a threads whole year long about s1mple. For me it seems you just hate a player and th...
s1mple destroyed NaVi.
Brazilians at its finest.time for me to leave HLTV and go back to reddit .No wonder pros does not visit hltv so often anymore but mostly is around reddit .....
lol north was in the lead from match start and somehow mouse sport choke?Should not be NORTHCHOKE more likely,anyway no-one choked here ...
defuse bug on a girl’a stream
but most of them are thots ......
Racism = Permanent Ban
+1 i think this thread author is racist him self ,just by putting this up ........ He thinks insulting another countries is racism huh ....... when its not about racism but more likely about nationa...
csgo rank logic
nothing less expected from U.S education ....
Transgender kids??!!
+1 they are "brave" indeed.I bet their ancestors are rolling in coffins .Proud,strong ,brave to this......
Transgender kids??!!
Why are you even subbed to VICE BS.....
Girl pickup lines
"Are you made of copper and tellurium? Because you CuTe" is pretty nice pick up line tough.And if she understands it ,at least you know she is not some kinda brainless bimbo .