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i do not care, i see EA logo and its all i have to know to avoid that product.Because i will never support that piece of shit company .i had enough from my past experience .
lol hyping about EA games.Sooner or later it will have heavy micro transactions . I am not touching anything with EA
i am sorry to hear that and some users seems to be lower than an animal ,because lack of empathy
this time you are in wrong ..... have some empathy .
kjaerbye legs WTF
he should skip leg day :)
they better watch Scooby Doo or Biker Mice from Mars . Yet they call everyone weebs,while some known celebrities likes Cowboy Bebop - Keanu Reeves ,Robin Williams . If John Cena and Keanu Reeves(Joh...
Rate my ex
dating instagram whores and wonder why it did not work out. Top fucking kek
rate my girlfriends
it's pretty smart way to say it XD
Gillette video
i am not really that offended,i just don't like how they showed it actually. I see a point they tried to make a cross ,but they really made it look really bad. + not having any AD about women toxic...
Gillette video
not sure either .Searched definition in google and found out "To whistle or yell something sexually suggestive to a stranger, usually in passing. " but in the video guy did not even do that ,but wan...
Gillette video
well if you think attacking men is right thing to do and make them sissies like half of your country is,then i guess fair point. Anyway its pointless to argue with guy who has never changed his tire...
Gillette video
meanwhile in germany men like to get pegged ,abused and are pussies overall. I look down on you guys. Sorry
Gillette video
Yeah old videos were great,but these days all you can see is this sexism propaganda or political at every corner -reason why i actually stop watching TV at first place .
Gillette video
i know that.its sexist and at same time racist too . its easier to sell this propaganda if white male is leading a charge with toxic masculinity. And that's why i called Kim soy boy too because its ...
Gillette video
no bait i promise ,i am one of few people in HLTV who rarely visiting it and don't spend their free time wasting other people time with baiting them