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Navi fans ?
I'm a navi fan but I know if they have a shit CT side on inferno they are fucked 4/5 times. It is pain being navi fan
playing with BCKo AMA
You got to play with THE BCKo? very blessed man
Overt vs Skyfire
hahaha you're always so mad in these matches. chill out big fella
Overt vs Skyfire
so ez for sky they not even gonna join the server
skyfire doing their best to shit the bed swede killed Chub with ak47 (headshot) pz planted the bomb (2on1) pz killed MoeycQ with ak47 (headshot) swede killed tot with ak47 (headshot) swede killed Dir...
"amd for poor people"
People have been fanboying this shit since this shit existed. OP is a fucking mong even though he's not wrong
Skyfire vs Justice
don't bet on this
TOP 5 Teams & Players of CS:GO
TOP 5 Teams & Players of CS:GO
I don't disagree with your list of teams but Navi has been top tier for the majority of the time they've been in CS:GO and I definitely wouldn't put LDLC/Envy above them as they were nowhere near as c...
Natus Vincere vs Astralis
Yeah I agree and they have a pretty bad track record against Astralis, but fuck I hope they're up for it though. Navi has had some messy games already here but I think they have a fighting chance. It'...
I R8 your work/study
I was just having a chuckle. That sounds about right, although I landed myself a job with an ok pay and nearly no beauracracy involved
I R8 your work/study
0% math apparently
BJJ - do you guys like it?
you are a good creative writer
Top 5 things that never happened
Yes no doubt your brain never developed :)
Top 5 things that never happened
Whatever you wanna think Im saying you're dumb cos the joke went way over your head. No wonder people talk shit on you fucking 10iq tard