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Does pros have HLTV account??
Its still up, id have no idea how to find it though sorry dude
Does pros have HLTV account??
Theres a funny thread just after the awp nerf of guardian talking shit to chrisj
S1mple and coldzera in same team
Well obviously neither have any semblance of skill, thats preposterous ;)
your main games???
I thought only gays play wow*
your main games???
Max Payne is the shit, I've played 2 enough to memorise like every spawn in the game
your main games???
If your computer monitor has a hdmi port then whats the problem
Can u still go pro with vac ban on account
If the ban wasn't for CS:GO then it doesn't matter. Happy has a cs1.6 vac ban iirc
top 5 useless trash players rn?
Do u smoke
Hahaha my man Hash is just too expensive here and whenever I've seen it, hasn't been that good
Do u smoke
Strictly a bong man here haha. Personally I think you feel more of a headrush when you mix but its a longer lasting stoned when you smoke straight
Do u smoke
Nah dude, i used to mix before i ever tried straight weed, gradually went from 50/50 to 90/10 weed dominant. Straight is where its at
Do u smoke
Okay I see. Thats pretty much the same as Australia except they don't drug test anyone here. If you're caught smoking though they won't give you a fine or anything
Do u smoke
What do they do if you test positive? Stop you from going to school? Lmao
Do u smoke
Mix is fuckin gross, tastes like your chest is burning up
Jesus christ you are a fucking sad cunt