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BOOM vs Havan Liberty
Boltz and felps really are smurfing in SA scene. This team is like 1 lineup change away from being able to do some very decent things overseas.
Gen.G vs Cloud9
Geng can't make it through anymore can they?
Complexity vs sAw
I don't even see that many portuguese in the comments.. God damn you're toxic
PACT vs sAw
And what's wrong with it ? It's basically the same as supporting your local football team. You don't cheer for them cause they're the best, lol.
You're mentally ill. Get help
C9 Collosus OMEGALUL
Let's wait and see, I expect them to atleast make one more big signing, mezzii is already a big gamble and woxic is good but he's not quite at the same level as a cerq or device.
Theres no other competent igl in china. Look at someone like jamyoung for example, he probably wouldn't be half as good if he didn't have someone like advent setting him up and knowing how to use him ...
Sprout vs sAw
That's a shit format, should be based on Hltv rankings imo, rmr started months and months ago back in April and it really isn't an accurate depiction of what teams are better rn
Sprout vs sAw
Am I wrong or does the winner play against complexity and the loser against movistar?
Yeah the team is dead now that Thomas left, they're just another below average international team
ZEROZONE vs Sprout
To be fair they only did it for seeding reasons, nothing related to money or betting.
ZEROZONE vs Sprout
Idk about Adams but shack and enmenk both have double nationality and either have been in spain for a very long time or were born there
Gen.G vs 100 Thieves
I assume daps is going to play? Anyone knows? Edit: nvm daps tweeted he won't be playing and they've already been practicing with someone else
Interesting roster for zero, maybe if it was 2017 Lol. Hz and Ae uses to be nutty
C9 Realistic Roster
My bad I assumed c9 would be staying in he US ence why I said jks has a visa.