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emo for life
all great, would add jimmy eat world there, they're a staple of the genre
Best way to get a job?
In portugal? Just search and apply for any call center, they're always desperate for people and would hire a homeless crackhead on the spot if he applied.
nah, not gonna pay 60 bucks for pretty much the same game as last year. I'll wait until the price drops and if they add some new features to career mode. Not hoping much tho, ultimate team is what mak...
He clearly doesn't have enough skill for tier 1, they don't even need an amazing awper like they had hen1, just a semi-competent rifler who can keep up with the rest of team a little bit more. how har...
What games are you looking forward to? *Part 2*
Neo: The world ends with you - Played the original back in the day on the ds, very innovative and different rpg Psychonauts 2 - Even tho its an old game I actually just played through psychonauts 1 a ...
What games are you looking forward to? *Part 2*
you should give sleeping dogs a try if you're looking for something similar to gta. Granted its a bit dated but It has a fun open world, combat better than gta, driving and a decent story on top of it...
kids Tainted when?
bad parenting, pretty simple
real GTA6 leaks?
As long as they can keep milking money from GTA V, with all the online shit and the fact that they're releasing it for the ps5, I think we can expect even longer than 2024..
Extra Salt vs GODSENT
thanks brother
Extra Salt vs GODSENT
damn, is there seriously no english broadcast for this?
Your national CSGO team RN
?? No smooya?
Case vs Young Ninjas
"Case has forfeited due to health issues with some of their players" tweeted by gamegune.