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Anonymo vs GODSENT
LOL they actually got banged out 0-3 in a snow sweet snow tournament.. if I were then I'd just go to brazil and farm some money there cause they have no chance here in Europe.
Anonymo vs GODSENT
Taco is.
Bad News Bears vs Mythic
Why? They can farm ez money on dreamhacks and esea cash cups there instead of getting smashed in Europe
pengu to CSGO??
if anything its way more stressing than r6, cs teams have the most packed shedules of any esport
Remember what happened last time kng and the twins played together. 100 thieves? That certainly doesn't make it any easier for them to find an org..
fer in Europe
Case is a suitable team for his level rn and are in Europe. Anything besides that I'll be outraged.
V$M lmaoooooooo
Can't wait for him to get a valve tattoo next him, the same company that banned him and fucked him over lol
Havan Liberty vs Sharks
They're 100x better than case, just a waste of money having those guys over in EU
FC Porto vs Sporting CP
except it is sporting lisbon
Guess the player! again
-Plays the most DESPICABLE positions -Retired, moved to valorant -Played in an international lineup
OG Lollipop21k
most cis orgs actually have crazy high buyouts for their better players, which is also why navi always gets fucked over and can't get their hands on those guys. But esides that yeah he doesn't seem li...
ONYX vs eXploit
He is decent with the awp actually, he just had better awpers on his teams like fox and obj so doesn't pick it up that often