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Paris is shit, most of france is lovely, beatiful etc.
SA more than NA coz of SK/Luminosity.
merkel shivering
god doesn't exist
Capitalism is a cancer.
Maybe in America their version of capitalism goes too far and there are side-effects, but everywhere else in the world on average more people are getting healthcare access, living longer etc. despite ...
Capitalism is a cancer.
America produces far more medicines than the rest of the developed world due to their capitalist system. Its still better anyway if a smaller percentage of people starve? If we have grown as a society...
Capitalism is a cancer.
As well as medical advancements that have saved hundreds of millions of lives. How has it increased world hunger when less people starve today than before?
No sceners come here
Liquid (or Na'Vi if they beat them)
GTR got in a car accident wtf!!!!!!
Definitely 8/8
womens football
Female newsreaders are just as capable and qualified and good at the job as male newsreaders, but in elite sport there's not a comparison. Men's football will always be at a higher level than women's,...
me too, just swapped inspect and talk = ez af to press
Hydrochloric acid and Vodka
Oskar rating miscalculation?
The rating is weighted differently because there were more rounds in map 2..
Messi vs Ronaldo (POLL)
So an honorary award, and a bunch of unofficial awards. Still has 0 official Ballon D'ors
Messi vs Ronaldo (POLL)
Messi is the all time leading assist-maker in La Liga, and Pele never won a Ballon Dor... Also Pele scored hundreds of his goals against amateur teams, as his goal count also counts unofficial friendl...
R8 me /10
I found Dobby guys