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About me
Name: Rhards Matisons
Ingame Name: ✪DEVIL54 AKRacing
Favorite Player : snax,GeT_RiGhT,PashaBiceps,f0rest
Favorite Team : Ninjas in Pyjamas, Virtus.Pro
Country: Latvia
B-Day: 19.03.2001
Favorite Animal: Sloth
Games: Counter Strike: Global Offensive , Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Team: TeamHEAT.
Favourite Weapons:AK-47,AWP,M4A1-S,USP-S,P250,Desert Eagle,CZ75-Auto
Favourite Map: de_Dust II, de_Mirage
Rank: Legendary Eagle
Favorite Games: League of Legends CS:GO,Life Is Strange,GTA5