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frenchman only knows baguette tbh
God believers LUL
look at u both isnt it really exciting to see how everything falls into pieces ? :))
God believers LUL
"well if you think it exists you have to show evidence, that's how it works. People don't need to prove it doesn't exist, they need to prove it does." dude which year do we live in? how many forking ...
so he should retire instead of getting ridiculous amount of money ? i forgot that BG are doin that LulZ
thats it. noone ever got banned without "any" reason in this game tbh. even if he stopped cheating he can be banned later
ur biggest fear?
u2 mate
Turkey is part of EU
some of the guys u get to see in media yes ofc. but most of them are actually kurds (no offense) kurds are coming from arabs indeed, but the real turks are from middle east asia.
ur biggest fear?
thats sad, but its supposed to be... dead comes for all of us sooner or later at least u still have one
ur biggest fear?
nice, i always wanted to have a dobermann or pitbull
ur biggest fear?
https://imgur.com/a/a8lPngz she is light brown atm, sometimes she goes darker sometimes brighter insane my dog
ur biggest fear?
kangal + rottweiler mix
ur biggest fear?
my dog is 10 now, a big one getting older and thats always hard tbh
10/10 girl according to you
404 error.exe this file never existed never will exist either gf what? LoL
keev wtf
the more u try to hide it the more u just proof that he is someone maybe u cryin cuz u lost money cuz of him? cry is free gambling not live with it
dude, vici won 2 times against north in the same qualifier. its norths fault they lose 2:0 in the decider LUL Kappafoz