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Proletarier aller Länder, vereinigt Euch!
Bütün ülkelerin isçileri, birlesin!

Rightism = ideology of hate and racism.
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8Values Politics Test Ez 4 Marxism-Leninism > "also r8 my ideology" 0/8
jordan b peterson is GROSS
He is a moron as any rightist.
German rap
1) The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, Naomi Klein 2) Quran, Muhammad (alayhi s-salam) 3) Das Kapital, Karl Marx 4) Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory, Ernest Mandel 5) Capital ...
Soylent and analogs
plusgood, stay salted my man
Soylent and analogs
ty men have a good day and enjoy your can of chickpeas
Soylent and analogs
ye butt Will bi the could of chicks peas are so balance you got me, just remove "is" and change "will" to "could" or "can" or smth, ez lyfe is too short to check comments before sending, ty
Political Ideology
You’re still around baiting nerds? Sad...
Political Ideology
> implementing socialism > into his company ok...
Political Ideology
Smaller government and low taxes = less welfare, no healthcare and good education for poor people Why do you hate people who weren't lucky enough to born in a rich family? And why do you think that...
Political Ideology
+999999999999999999 We have nothing to lose but our chains!
Political Ideology
23482734824562354243525235234 billions actually half of them were killed by Antifa, the most dangerous terrorist org in the world
Political Ideology
I am a socialist. Because capitalism doesn't work and marxism is the only way to make all people happy. Also rightism = racism and hate.
Gypsy DNA
yes, they were all indians but decided to move to europe to get ez lyfe and money
Gypsy DNA
nt gypsy i've got no change