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gl doing it in germany
they know they are going to 0-3 so decided to have some fun at least
never understood all this hype over this 10 iq onliner which can't even speak english
English 2nd language
i guess the ukrainian guy got surprised because ukrainians have their own Galicia
ceh9 2000iq (mibr fans come here)
i remember zeus was whining that they lose all praccs. it was right before the major they won.
Accurate Political Compass test
he previously tried to reproduce 100 psychological experiments "published in three high-ranking psychology journals", and got even more ridiculous results.
Accurate Political Compass test
> "you're a fascist" > "you're the perfect example of how conservatives have low cognitive ability" > "Classic technique of rightists" ... > "nice ad hominems" ok, nvm my reply in #102, you're just b...
Accurate Political Compass test
It's not true, you just interpret some researches very frivolously. The only correct conclusions from the links you always post are: 1) Racists and/or believers are less intelligent on a par; 2) Voter...
Accurate Political Compass test
he's not baiting, he's serious when he says that rightists "have low cognitive ability". i remember him only because he replies like so on every argument, and when his opponent starts arguing he copyp...
Accurate Political Compass test
haha, the best explanation of "libertarian socialism" ive ever seen
Na`Vi Major 0-3? but personally i think that zeus is baiting, it sounds too hilarious
NaVi on the major
ok ceh9
NaVi on the major
howdy u know
Venezuela and oil
you dont miss anything, leftists just cant admit that socialism doesnt work, and blame the usa in all sins as always