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Entropiq vs Gambit
add another fix to the books. russia has officially broken the online world.
Tricked vs LookingForOrg
cant stop the australian fixes even after jailtime lol
Eternal Fire Academy vs Spirit Academy
However long you take a break. You'll come back to fixed and corrupt csgo matches on hltv
ESL announce complete team list for IEM Katowice Play-In stage
It's cool. Esea advanced teams can beat some of these invites but it's cool.
Detonate vs Valors
LOL cant get more obvious than this. dudes name is J. J. obvious bot paid for to win this match for them.
Sources: Complexity in talks to sign Extra Salt trio; add Grim, junior
not a single player with experience aside from 1 player from the other side of the planet. this will be a shitshow of chemistry and awful unconfident csgo vs any top team. NA cs is broken due to nepot...
ECSTATIC vs Unique
more corruption promoted by HLTV. this entire scene is run by corrupt betting lol. get rekt.
The most obvious match fixers on the planet lol. How many more years of this corrupt bs?
ECSTATIC vs Unique
another scam by the scamzies
Fiend vs Budapest Five
Another great fix from the 3rd worlders
fnatic vs MAD Lions
Another great fix
KINGZZZ vs mYinsanity
Hltv fixing matches again lol. No reason for this trash to be on hltv.
imagine thinking nip is good when every single team is litterally worse than lvl 5 faceit players...where are all the 1v5 instant peak and headshots like in global? are these players really this terri...
Entropiq vs FURIA
You have no idea how many millions these entropiq kids have won in the last 4 games fixing these major matches LMFAO. This scene is completely fucked