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not a virgin and not even 25, but how could bulgarian gypsy know that. I am surprised you have internet in your shithole
Maybe her music is "suitable for clubs", but what a shitty club it must be, when they are playing her songs. I would rather listen to Ed at a club than her.
15-0/14-1 comeback
Once in mm, we made comeback from 15-1 to 15-15
Sweden no scene
IEM Katowice 2018?
Rip Belle Dolphin
Nice. Now you have to delete like 50% of all accounts on IG. But I guess they were not reported
Esl PRO league
Dont know, I just saw a tweet. After checking, I am pretty sure he is wrong. Which is sad, because he is ESL admin and dont know their rules :D There is no way NIP could finish 4th
Esl PRO league
Astralis skipping 3-4 big events between Majors Yeah, Sydney... I can't go there, that is basically the reason we're not going, my body doesn't cope with the jetlag when w...
Uruguay vs Chaos
how they can achieve something, when every day they play with different roster?
Mia malkova
There are more pornstars streaming on twitch, like Anny Aurora for example So it is nothing new
Vitality vs Epsilon
It is for seeding. Teams are ranked using Swiss score (3-0, 3-1, 3-2...) and Buchholz score to determine which team from 3-0 or 3-1 gets higher seed. Because 2-2 matches were not played, it is not pos...
Southeast asia has 4 qualifier slots, so you can guess how they got there
Esl sexist?
Do you really think that someone is watching rerun?
Dignitas fe vs Orgless fe
that russian girl from Besiktas is 17, emy from CLG is 18, Gabi from Pain is also 18 and 2 girls from Carnage are 17 and 19 and maybe even 3, last girl does not have a profile. All it took was 3 min...
So in 1st map, Astralis get 101 kills and have 112 deaths. Liquid get 108 kills and have 118 deaths. That does not make any sense. And I am pretty sure I could go on and same bullshit happens on other...