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FP2 haters please come
Monte is commissioner, it is safe to say he runs the league. For your another reply. I dont care Thorin is the harshest to those teams. My point is, he only talks about ESL, shit on them for almost e...
FP2 haters please come
League run by two of the biggest hypocrites in scene = Thorin and Monte Shitty teams, highest rated franchised team is GenG at 28, lol They rely on invites and qualifiers to get decent teams, consider...
And despite CSGO having more events, total hours watched for the entire year 2019 are: LoL 478 millions, CSGO 284 millions. You can check it here:
You said majors are more watched than worlds and you wanna talk about other events. And you are also wrong with hours watched. Starladder Major 45 mil, IEM Katowice 53 and Worlds 137.
Thats why LoL Worlds has peak viewership 3,9 millions and CSGO Majors just 1,3 millions.
No, it is not new team. Faceit is league operator. Doesnt matter how much they own, they are hired to run event.
You know that Faceit produces this event, right?
15-0/14-1 comeback
Once in mm, we made comeback from 15-1 to 15-15
Sweden no scene
IEM Katowice 2018?
Rip Belle Dolphin
Nice. Now you have to delete like 50% of all accounts on IG. But I guess they were not reported
Esl PRO league
Dont know, I just saw a tweet. After checking, I am pretty sure he is wrong. Which is sad, because he is ESL admin and dont know their rules :D There is no way NIP could finish 4th
Esl PRO league