20 years old, love eating æblegrød and flæskesteg
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‘180cm girs’ threads
I dont care about a girls height. Tall or short, as long as they are pretty im up for it
Ban Astralis
i was also kidding. I just had a game called Red Baron as a kid that i played a lot
Ban Astralis
He was also mine? Maybe we are distant cousins?
C*ck Size
anywhere between 1 and 100cm
Studies are easy
Yeah same. I probably spend more time on project and assignments than i do going to lectures
Studies are easy
it depends what you study. I study 30 hrs a week and a friend of mine only has to be in school for 6 hrs
Country who you Love and who you Hate?
We are both biased so its never gonna go anywhere. Online swedes are almost always douchebags. Irl they are super chill and friendly
Country who you Love and who you Hate?
Love: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Germany (all nice countries with nice peoples) Hate: No one
Country who you Love and who you Hate?
Wdym? Swedes trashtalk denmark waaay more than danes trashtalk sweden LUL. I guess its a case of someone who likes talking shit but cant take it himself
How tall are you
178 cm :(
Top 20 LEAKED?!
1 good major > 5 good normal tournaments
And remember, every little store might have it but they arent advertising it since its illegal and thats why you have to specifically ask for it at the counter
Its also illegal to sell in Denmark but almost every little kiosk has it hidden under the counter. Just ask for whatever brand you want and he will find it for you. Maybe it's the same with Latvia? Ot...
Israel vs Palestine
Both places very nice. Yes i have been to both and the people are very friendly
Been a fan since i started watching pro CS back in 2014 when they were dignitas. Best danish team so i just started cheering for them then. It's finally paying off now