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emilia destroyed Astralis
don't even ask, oh when she fucked FNX, she was "dating fer" so we need to add that to the list.
Faze breaking records
What if there is something better than Vega Squadron? What if that team that is better is Team Spirit and it's son Spirit Academy?
emilia destroyed Astralis
yeah it was Maikelele ,Schneider, fnx, maybe Stewie in here, to finally Device.
Elige/Twistzz vs Stew/Autimatic
Elige is a good player and all but he is backed up a lot by his team and Twistz is a similar story. Stew and Auti are both imo more talented and can do a lot more things with their talents.
I Guess if u are a Virgin og not
I Guess if u are a Virgin og not
Age: 17 Fav Game: CSGO Do you play WoW: No, I have never played a MMO Are you thicc: I got a big ass but that is because I never skip leg day and that is because I never go to the gym.
Create your superteam
Niko Super star $4 NBK $1 Fallen AWP $5 Fallen IGL $4 Rez $1
I'll guess the pro
tomato boy
Your Best Maps
1. Cache 2. Inferno 3. Mirage 4. D2 5. Train
hallo meine freunde
Deutschland über alles
Nip #1 - SK #200
No, it has always been broken.
Best of fives
idk about that, the last major had a shit team and an ok team in the final.
Build ur own Western team
Forgot about Ex6, should have picked him over Gob B
Build ur own Western team
GobB-IGL Shox-Rifler Dupreeh-Entry Mixwell-Support and 2nd awp Fox- Awp
Going to ask girl out
Don't ask her our yet. 1st. If you have not gotten her number/snapchat, get it and talk with her often/ start a snapchat streak. 2nd. Start talking with her irl more and outside of class. 3rd. Get in...