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Astralis today
Yeah, I don't really like what they are doing. I feel they should work on their game more and work on beating a majority of teams rather than anti-stratting Astralis and losing to most other good team...
Astralis today
My bad, I meant MIBR is focusing their efforts into beating Astralis.
Astralis today
nt Maikelele
Astralis today
idk about MIBR is back, they had a great win, but they have always done well against Astralis, minus the major 16-0 but we won't bring that up. MIBR may not be able to beat some teams, but they can a...
Astralis today
I feel MIBR beating Astralis is like North beating Astralis in Stockholm, shit does not really matter, only difference being that MIBR won't just get fucking worse. After losing to MIBR, Astralis was ...
most horrifying video you've ever seen
where to find video
Democrats fucked up
the most powerful eras in CS:GO
2016 was also different for SK as they had 4 wins with FNX from what I know.
the most powerful eras in CS:GO
They were just not dominant enough imo, they won 12 tournaments over 2016-2017 so 12 tournaments in 2 years vs 12 tournaments in a year vs Astralis. During this time, SK/LG almost always had competiti...
Which CSGO major was the best?
Both the Eleague ones were good, Cluj was also good
AUG nerf post major
It was a good move from Valve, it showed players that the gun is actually good and could be used instead of the m4. The price drop was just to bring notice to the gun after it had been in the game for...
2020 majors.
EU has had 2 this year, switch it up and give CIS one with Epicenter and give one to the US with either MLG or Eleague.
I have always kinda liked Astralis since their TSM days and I have always really liked Magisk and wanted him to do well. When the two collided, they kinda became my favorite team.
Maybe going to Latvia to work
The Military has a lot of benefits, and it would prob look better than just any random job. The biggest thing you can prob get out of it is honestly better discipline and work ethic which you may want...
Maybe going to Latvia to work
How much does the Danish army pay and does it give any good benefits?