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Best age for pareting and why
You're entire justification is based on how you will "look", holy fuck people are so doomed! Do us all a favor and don't breed.
[18+] Weed
This beautiful, innocent plant has nothing to do with anyone's retarded life choices, just think yourself lucky that your addictive personality lead you to smoking weed regularly, instead of an ACTUAL...
Your ignorance / lack of education is showing through perfectly fine too, i specifically mentioned "medically beneficial" to bait in people who don't know anything about cannabis but are still willing...
This is undeniable
imagine being ignorant / uneducated enough to imply that one of the most medically beneficial plants on the planet somehow has anything to do with making someone a degenerate! alcohol, instagram and ...
would u die for ur country?
You really haven't thought this through have you...
would u die for ur country?
Yep, we may have very impressive technology now, but i don't think that represents our intelligence at all, we are using most of that technology to blow eachother up, that demonstrates how far away we...
would u die for ur country?
Yeah it is unfortunately xD
would u die for ur country?
Has anyone ever even stopped to think about how overwhelmingly retarded it is to be fighting other people becuase they were randomly born into another country? holy fuck it's 2019 people, the world is...
uk mean
You chattin shit bruv? ill fuckin smack u out m8
You guys think 9/11 official story is real?
knocking down 3 steel structure buildings with 2 planes, also making them collapse at freefall speed with no resistance OMEGALUL also not even a single piece of the "plane" that hit the pentagon was ...
kylie jenner
This generation is so fucked i can't even begin to imagine how fucked the next generation will be. Beam me up into the mothership please i wan't to get off this fucking planet!
Meat eaters
Yeah don't worry he must be baiting xD his reply didnt actually contain any content
Meat eaters
Just genuinely happy to see the amount of rational / logical people that seem to have embraced these topics even on hltv of all the forums to talk about this! a year ago this topic was just 99 autist...
rate girl
why do people even rate things and then argue over it when it's entirely subjective xD