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DEVVE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That was pretty nuts
Valve gets money from faceit. So if valve took away any incentive for playing faceit it would hurt them. And mr gabeboy loves his money
Device? kkk
Holy fuck thats rich. Sweden is run by left wing feminists. Cant get more beta by definition xD Edit: typo
The shame of your country!!!!
No one: Spunj: "Look..."
Stew finally kicked???
Not saying zews was better than adren. Just that hendid a good job i liquid. My point was that the mibr roster wont adapt to current meta.
Stew finally kicked???
Zews did a good job with liquid before he went back to mibr. And stewie might be underwhelming. But he certainly is better than taco. Mibr are stuck in their own system, i dont think zews was the pr...
most skilled old players
F0rest hands down. Literal god
Top 20 Players 2019
Its easier to get a higher rating when playing against tier 2 teams at events. You wouldnt put zeus as nr. 1 if he played in a silver league and had a rating above 5 would ya?
You just blew my mind dude
Then you wait for 1:49. Unless he is aware. Then you wait for 1:48 and hope he dosnt know. If he does you wait for 1:47. This should be repeated until you get shot by a T from B doors.
chrisj smoking weed?
I saw Mertz hitting a massive joint at Christiania 4-5 weeks ago. Although he's not super relevant atm. I don't know if pros do piss tests also..
Best Caster duo
Playerbreakstralis LUL
to be fair. Astralis took some time off after dupreeh's dad died. they didnt regain form until after he was over it. even though you never get over it really. but they all had some downtime and less f...