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if karrigan gets kicked from FaZe
damn my point is not about IGL's K/D or frag impact that's not most important part of this position point is that Karrigan is a bit outdated he just consistently choke in finals with great team around...
if karrigan gets kicked from FaZe
yeah,100% better Choker in important matches (i dont talk about career achievements its obvious that all time CarryGun is way better but not this year,current Karrigan failed at every single importan...
if karrigan gets kicked from FaZe
>call someone a retard cuz you dont understand a comment R E T A R D E D C U N T he said -golden+karrigan''no need to explain anything here I think'' its clearly that he think that Karrigan is curre...
if karrigan gets kicked from FaZe
Golden 2 tournament in 2 months and making flusha a beast for a moment again>>>Karrigan entire 2018 #AlwaysSecond
Vitality T1
Ez for LeTank
mibr 5th?
SmithZz #YoLesEZ vs Vitality
VP plays with pasha is instant 4vs6 game Neo is out of prime and ZywOo and LeTank will take this vs Vitality
ez LeTank
G2 will win PLG Grand Slam 2018
No Ex6 no W
Valiance vs Vitality
Ez for my man Ced
Renegades vs mousesports
i was thinking that im only one person who think that he looks like truck driver xD
and actually playing against promising new HR roster is tough matchup for everyone look at them against astralis,no one expect Device and Coo to struggle against LOL
''Tier 1 LAN'' not ''against tier 1 teams'' read twice if you had problems with understand what he said LOL
i wish...
Renegades vs G2
SmithZz and Ex6TenZ vs 8 not something you see everyday