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KennyS, kioshima , ScreaM when?
but this still is better than shoxie acting like IGL with one call named force buy
Polish Super Team thread
no minise no super team
Waterboys vs Spirit
ez for RpK
Cr8 a team with your name
M ixwell A dren T arik E lectronic u stilo S hox Z eus
Ban 1 Player
pasha reason retarded fanbase
Juliano Porn (18+)
its not her but why the hell XMS is in this video ffs :O
in the other site you try to defend Draken by showing underperformances of flusha but even with that''awp star'' have still worse rating than him if you really want to talks about stats...and flusha d...
different between flusha and Draken is that Draken comes here as a ''star awper''not inconsistent one and before they kicked golden flusha played very well,he win 2 events for fnatic this year with s...
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
ok then,still even after this move they doesnt need to get rid of golden for washed up Xizt... who the fuck kick their IGL after winning 2 events in like 3 weeks...if they really wanted scream they ju...
Natus Vincere vs fnatic
they kick IGL who made flusha look like beast and smartest player ever again they kicked a god in Lekr0 bring instead washed up outdated Xizt and Take AWP from JW to most inconsistent player i ever s...
G2 lucky
there is no luck in bo3 but when you talk bout ''luck'' how bout DD2 on major ?
Flusha wins Katowice*
Epsilon vs x6tence Galaxy
easy for Galaxy version of Kevin''Ex6TenZ''Droolans
G2 will win ESL One New York
ez for god6tenz and coo
CS 1.6 was a much more interesting game on an individual level
Source was better than GO to when its comes to real competition