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NaVi future
lets make it clear, im so tired of all this "seized old form" pls go back and watch he was a good role player but he never was a fucking star now he drop a bit and the level of the most players is mu...
S1mple = Titan kennyS?
not true at all, na'vi 1st semester of 2016 was not a t1 team anymore and was clearly on downfall since guardian was also on downfall lets be honest, guardian used to carry this na'vi team in 2015 ma...
LDLC vs Natus Vincere
this is team is so dead not even with one year practice they would reach the level required to compete just kill it before it lays eggs
LDLC vs Natus Vincere
yeah seized is rly bad and wont be good ever again, because he was never that good to start, ppl just create a false image with the time passing
LDLC vs Natus Vincere
hm i dont think so only will make something in next lan when they will go out in groups 0-2
LDLC vs Natus Vincere
they wont, even if they beat ldlc, they wont beat mouz after
seized vs SIXER
seized atm all he does is crouch spray in everyduel and pray that opponent doesnt kill him before he uses all 30 bullets
S1mple went so save Guardian from the noobs god bless s1mple we need no more proof about how seized, edward and zeus are not realy that good, just average players getting worse day after day flami...
LDLC vs Natus Vincere
Spirit vs Natus Vincere
1st major was fluke 2nd its pretty obvious na'vi is a rly dificult team to be igl since all play like shit when on na'vi
FaZe vs BIG
nex going ham online as always
nex playing good online is nothing new tbh in mousesports prior to niko he was expected to be the german superstar but always chocked on lan
Scream wants to kill VP
totally agree speacially given he is in USA o.O might get SWATted after this video ahah
CS 2014-2015
totally agree i was watching a youtube video of best knife kills in pro level and almost i remember almost all of them and they were mostly in 2014/2015 when Anders still had true hype while casting ...