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Are you joking? There are lots of small and medium breweries in the Netherlands, plus two Trappists breweries. Great variety of pale ales and stouts
New member of ruloN's club? No problem, only great players there.
omg THORIN bahahahah
- What separated these two teams in the end? - Third map.
FPS Stutter on fast PC - Part III
Just make sure it's in ACHI mode, but i guess it is.
FPS Stutter on fast PC - Part III
GTX 970 has "memory allocation bug" when it can't access the last 500-700 mb of VRAM. http://www.anandtech.com/show/8931/nvidia-publishes-statement-on-geforce-gtx-970-memory-allocation I'm not sure i...
To the authors of racist threats and comments
Christianity isn't a race either. And if we lived in 1930's, same words would apply to Roman Catholic church, an institution that widely supported fascism. But that's not the point, the scale of "chr...
To the authors of racist threats and comments
"muslim" is not a race. If you can convert to it or leave it, it isn't a race. All religions are NOT equally violent. Some have never been violent, some gave it up centuries ago. One religion didn’t...
Computer dead - PSU faulty?
I think you can always return the PSU to the store (during 2 weeks after you bought it or smth). Just buy a new one, and test your system.
120 hz\44 hz monitors question part 2
wow, you went for the best option out there, congratz! Is it really smooth as advertised? The price is quite steep ($800?), but considering it's the first monitor with 2560 x 1440 and G-SYNC, well wo...
csgolounge... really?
Forum link is right on the front page, how stupid you have to be to miss it? hltv is full of threads with whining kids, so get lost
csgolounge... really?
There is a forum on csgo lounge. Why are you all keep posting same shit here over and over again, whining and complaining about bets and skins?
Who's the milf????
Nix0n's sister?
life abroad
I just signed a contract and got a work permit in Germany, so i'm moving over there next week. I've spend some time in Germany during my student years, but I am going to a very different part of the...
Buy 120hz screen or save up for new pc?
Make sure that your PSU has enough power for new hardware! http://www.coolermaster.outervision.com/