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do you scream at/flame teammates?
used to, but throughout the years ive developed a strong mindset and now i never tilt
Reddit IQ?
yess i hope so, pls tell us mr il_Fenomeno that this was a bait
Reddit IQ?
hltv baited by reddit? 2020 is really a sad year...
i meant that it was never as bad as everyone make it seem to be, its not perfect but there are plenty worse casters
ive never even noticed his "unusal" accent until it started popping up on hltv
Bymas boombl4 brother?
Bymas boombl4 brother?
Bymas boombl4 brother?
bymas is pronounced beemas, just like zywoo is pronounced zeewoo
Rap songs that slap?
check out chris webby's wednesday albums, most songs have pretty straight forward lyrics and trap beats (yippee ki yay, paid, best out, solitaire...) so you'll probably enjoy
La Casa de Papel Season 4
Id say at s2. Light series with a cool concept, but shouldve ended on s2.
La Casa de Papel Season 4
? as in the woman, but yeah its just another lesson they want to teach the children - to stick together and all will be accomplished or whatever, but putting social agendas over the storyline wont get...
La Casa de Papel Season 4
First 3 seasons were okay, i really struggled to watch s4 though. All those dramatic/slowmo cutscenes, flashbacks just to fill up the episode, making arturo a rapist just to raise a social issue, etc ...
some newer shit Chris webby KAAN Noveliss Doppelgangaz https://www....
r8 beef bourguignon
Looks like poor people's food. Nice!
1m players...
Dont know if u are aware of this, but cs became free not that long ago