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NiP tweet
-Get_Richt -Freiberg +Twist Try to find a competent IGL, if not go for Lekro & let Xist continue to IGL.
jonty so dumb
I feel like the red on the Itaian flag should be a tiny bit darker, the one on HLTV could nearly pass of as Orange
Series by Netflix
I think it's decent at the start towards the end once the clear reason gets put out but around ep 7/8 I found it fair boring.
Your Country War
Getting free of British rule. For such a small nation it was a big task. They held us down for 800 years but we finally got out. Still want them 6 counties back you cunts. Although I'm not sure the go...
fnx problem
I think he is just hot headed & wants to be looked at as a leader without necessarily putting in the effort needed. He seems to me as someone who loses motivation fairly quickly. It's a shame really ...
Pretty sure Finland have one of the best education systems in the world.
Thank god, a united EU! The European Union is great for the world & any leader that advocates for the improvement & unity with it is a good guy in my book. Congratulations Macron & France.
Name 2 players
Couldn't even name 1 Irish CS player
Name 2 players
Worst political party in your country?
Solidarity! They're a far left party who want everything even & don't care about working hard or positions having a different influence on the country. They're generally younger college students who...
NiP vs Vega Squadron
So are they disbanding LOL
NiP vs OpTic
NIP aren't going to remove Nuke, they're going to remove Cbble
FaZe vs OpTic
Should be a close game that will more than likely end up on Overpass/Nuke but I think OpTic can win it.
FaZe vs OpTic
FaZe have 3 bans & OpTic have 2, so FaZe would ban Cache instead of OpTic banning D2, but I expect OpTic to ban D2 instead of Nuke!