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dick size, shoes size and height
17cm 14US/48.5 EU height: 197cm
NBA Awards Predictions and Playoff Predictions
MVP: Harden MIP: Siakam/Luka DPOY: AD/Leonard 6th Man: Lou Will ROY: Morant COY: Carlisle 1st Seed West: Lakers 1st Seed East: Toronto Finals: Houston - Toronto Houston in 7
I rate your name.
What is your height?
i wish i was rich
if you started learning from the moment you read this you would need about 6 months to 1 year to learn enough to become a junior and start freelancing. If you say that $280 is average salary where you...
i wish i was rich
not true at all, my brother is a programmer and he currently makes about 3.5k eur per month in a country where average salary is probably 350-400 eur. I assume you're from CIS as in ukraine/russia/bel...
I'm short
198 cm 22 y/o. You're still growing though, one friend of mine grew from around 175 to 195 from age 16 to 20.
8/10 libanese girl approached me
are 5'9.5 and 1.76 cm two different measurements?
CS:GO team with the worst logo
It's because back in 2001 teamliquid.net designer was given a task to find a picture related to team liquid somehow, and he ended up stumbling upon picture of horses running in snow and in his mind ho...
How tall are you?
steam account price?
~$15-20, problem with account selling is that market is over-saturated you have accounts worth $5000 go for ~$700
flusha in c9 jersey XD
You do realize that gtr was in fnatic before nip?
playing guitar
really depends how much you work on it every day and whats your definition of mastering an instrument. Do you mean master as in become one of the best guitarists in the world or just be able to play i...
playing guitar
I self-taught myself guitar and bass 10 years ago when I was 11-12 by watching youtube video lessons and reading tabs via songsterr.com. It also helps if you have natural sense for music, if you don't...
You win 50$
16-11 mouz 9-6 half for mouz sunny and guardian topfragging