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first tattoo/tattoos
I don't feel like they hurt (ofc eyeballs and scrotum would rlly fucking suck). I took one at the inner side of the forearm when I was 15 and the worst part was around the main artery near the wrist, ...
1.6 legendary team
They all played 1.6, did you harvest too many chromosomes at birth?
Languages u speak?
Finnish, English, German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian
norwegian scandal gyazo cheat
To any player that isn't shit, this kind of cheat is a gold mine.
norwegian scandal gyazo cheat
who says you can't lower the volume or make the delay inbetween 'player searches' faster or slower?
daily / weekly fapping makes u beta
or that it leaks in your boxer
Who is Don Haci ?
some dutch sand nigger
The same could be said about mechanics, plumbers, painters etc. who work for cash all the time. Or those who own "enkeltmannsforetak", no doubt a lot of them are hiding money, living tax-free lives.
Soccer is a third world sport.
Where is your handball medals then? Handegg mongol.
Ye it's a whole district in Copenhagen made by hippies in the 70s
Only this "trap house" has 1000 residents.
Why shouldn't they pay taxes on it? Once legal they would need to report their earnings, just as any other working citizen.
90° in sauna
Just got out of 95C sauna. Would never move to an apartment without sauna, its so chill.
Oh I'm not mad, I'm not a sensitive bitch that reacts aggressively to uphold his "big boy"-image like 'muricans. Who would've thought the Youngest Child Syndrome would apply to countries as well.
twitch irl = myfreecams
The real question is why you expect gameplay in the IRL section. Typical pasta brain.