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Event Calendar
thought that might was the issue.... but as i said in the main post, why not just update a calendar at the same time as posting dates for an event in a news-article? Maybe im off here, but are'nt al...
mTw vs Lions
indeed, mTw clear favorites, but after Lions close matches to h2k and MYM at dreamhack i think they got a chance :D
ex-MYM vs Lions
maybe lions can close the smal gap from last match? realy looking forward to this one after seeing them play at dreamhack :D
mousesports vs Frag eXecutors
ffs get started.... eating up all my popcorn before it begins :p
France vs Norway
can be a close one. Strong lineup for norway but still, france are favourites.... GO NORWAY : D
fnatic vs mTw
great by fnatic! didn't think they would play this good.
fnatic vs mTw
plsplspls be on time for once.....
TyLoo.raw vs MoB
as i've said a 1000 times before, its so sad that theese big events never is on time. it makes the sport seem so unprofesional. and its impossible to put it in your own scheduale...
fnatic vs Spirit of Amiga
it doesent work :S it change between people once every 2nd minute.... so theres no point
fnatic vs Spirit of Amiga
more people having trouble with the "auto-director" ?
fnatic vs
its because every cs tournement is so fucked up even the first match of the day get an hour delayed
fnatic vs
ffs, the ip should be out now... hope this event dont become as unprofesional as DH, with every match 2 hours late....
fnatic vs
fnatic will win, but OliGan has impressed me before, love seeing him play
Lions vs Alternate
agree... if e-sport wants to be taken more serious this is unexeptable.
Spain vs Norway
think spain gonna take this, but of course im cheering for Norway :D