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Ex-NiP Team Ideas
Pronax in 2k18 OMEGALUL
daily karrigan laugh tread
"he shoots like a blind nnigger without teeth" I really have no idea how blind teethless n***er shots, explain pls.
coldzera spinbot
This is REALLY outdated joke mate, I have seen this video with coldzera spinbot tag so many times I can't even remember
G2 2016 > Current G2
By your logic shox should add pronax because he is 3 time major champion lol
Space Soldiers vs NiP
hahahahah winning 4 pistol rounds still can't win xD
NiP vs Space Soldiers
holy shit that was such a smart play by dennis on ivy, heard jump and insta assumed they are run boosting
NiP vs Space Soldiers
Why would you peek f0rest in that 2V2 lmao???? Such a crucial round
Scandinavians come here
I swear it was there for like 1 hour, I didn't code anything :D
JASONR BULLY !!! (+18)
You think you are immature? xD You act like biggest kid I have ever seen. Pathetic lowlifer.
RONALDO is number 1
you forgot to add "/closed forever"
ferBOT top100
Dude he was tired, he had to play TWO(!!!!!!) maps in row, so unlucky otherwise SK would 16:0
SK Laugh Thread
JASONR BULLY !!! (+18)
Uneducated 3rd worlder who claims to be 41 years old calling literally everyone and in every single comment "kid" hmm weird. My age on hltv profile is true while you picked 41? Fake age because..........
JASONR BULLY !!! (+18)
Only "be" missing? Did you read it at all??? "person with a brain would prefer to "be" awkward at shitty NA rank s than to be good at it and be shit against tier 1 teams rofl" His whole expression i...