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ESIC apply minor sanction to niko in complicity of HUNDEN coaching bug abuse; clear Heroic quartet
Everybody knew before there won't be any penalties against Heroic/Players. This Investigation truly stinks.
Apeks sign AcilioN
One of the biggest CS frauds :) Like Peacemaker
woxic benched in Cloud9 - Report
C9 throwing money away awful project ....
Twistzz to leave Liquid, FalleN lined up as replacement - Report
what a joke Fallen seriously ???
IEM Katowice 2021 to be played without an audience
going to go online in a few weeks or month
MOUZ vs Cloud9
Mouz is on fire !!!
Mouz on the rise finally again !!!
mousesports defeat Cloud9 to book BLAST Premier Fall Finals spot
Great Mouz !!! Things are trending in the right direction finally at the End of 2020 ....
MonteCristo: "I can promise that we will have on Flashpoint the best features that have been made during this pandemic"
Big Mouth nothing more !!!
AcilioN returns to Copenhagen Flames
Biggest Bot ever, forZe qualify for Flashpoint 2
visa issues incoming even if the covid "problem" gets solved :)
SKADE disqualified from ESEA MDL Season 35 Europe
Why is this the only time the whole team / org got punished and in the other cases only the Coach ??? There is no point for any Coach to use this bug without the purpose gaining an advantage for the ...
BIG vs Heroic
BIG is really trending down. No chance for sure
Natus Vincere vs MOUZ
Simple is simply the best when he is on.... you have to admit this !!!
Natus Vincere vs MOUZ
After Map 1 Simple activated his c****.