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Worst transfers of 2018
Xizt and draken to fnatic from NIP. Good 4 NiP Worst 4 Fnatic Change my Mind
forsaken RETARD
Bro if forsaken hadn't done this and you have commented this than I could have give answer to you on your all questions with Statistics of India vs Estonia. But After this all forsaken thing, I won...
North win starladder
ENCE will be there like, "Surprise M**herFu*ker, I am Here." #EZ4GODAllu
I'm a Muslim, Ask me anything.
I'm a Muslim, Ask me anything.
Why your cricket team is So Trash.? And Why some Online keyboard warriors not accepting it that your cricket team is Trash atm?
Same 2 u Bro.. :)
Try "Teri Maa ka Bhosda" everytime you see indian flags :p
FaZe fix
I am not denying the fact that S1mple is BEAST with any weapon.. But as per current scenario he is Dedicated AWPER for NaVi. That's all my lord. :P
FaZe fix
He likes AWPING as well else he could have left NAVI when he was offered dedicated AWPER role.
FaZe fix
He can Rifle or Pistol or SMG anything No Disagreement on that. that's another thing. But right now "He is Dedicated AWPER of NAVI". He is right now on top(may be on 2nd or 3rd) as AWPER so he is goo...
FaZe fix
3 Dedicated AWPER in same team. Nice Faze Fix.
Best lineups for WESG
Optic India will soon there. Don't worry my friend. Sadly Culture in india just recently started to look into ESPORT..
Best lineups for WESG
Everyone over 1.09 rating also and tier 20 as well.
Rate cool gamling posture
= You are (Reported + Retarded) = You are Reported + You are Retarded /close
iPhone > android
Stopped reading at "iphone >"