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Heroic vs CR4ZY
Yes, I pay my employees while they don't work too.
Heroic vs CR4ZY
They benched him because he was not agreeing with the decisions they were making lol How hard is it to understand? Didn't want to play with this lineup doesn't exist while under contract...
Heroic vs CR4ZY
"SHiPZ told us that he is not motivated to be on this team anymore. Our organization is not working with not motivated players, so we had to bench him and thus set to transfer. " Read between the lin...
Heroic vs CR4ZY
Reminder that Windigo got rid of Shipz because he was "not motivated"
HellRaisers vs Windigo
Lmao this Windigo org
G2 vs Windigo
Wtf was the point of getting these players when your IGL is gona outfrag them...
eUnited vs NRG
Brehze and CeRq are too good and NRG can make a lot of money from selling them or continuing to form a team around them. Daps and Fugly are probably done though. This team needs an IGL that is not a c...
GX vs h00liGaNz
Why is this team still together? The only reason they started playing was because of fucktard dazed and then he ditched them like a little bitch after all that big boy talk lol.
Windigo vs ALTERNATE aTTaX
What the fuck... at this point you either retire or double your practice time. Everything else will just be a waste of time.
ex-Outlaws vs ALTERNATE aTTaX
They wanted to throw with style so they brought in spyleader. No surprises here. Another example of why BG teams are ignored when it comes to good sponsorships.
Movistar Riders vs ex-Outlaws
This is a prime example of why teams like ex outlaws and mk don't get sponsored. Not being able to beat random teams on LAN means 0% chance for a sponsor to even look at you.
ex-Outlaws vs EnVyUs Academy
Big props to ex outlaws for demanding to play right after envy acad's match. That way, after the loss to Reason, Envy acad. were most likely seriously demotivated while ex outlaws knew this was their ...
Prophecy vs Reason
NK4Y probably realized he destroyed his career by going with this lineup after the match.
ex-Outlaws vs MK
v1c7oR needs to get the fuck away from MK.
ex-Outlaws vs Spirit Academy
What happened to NK4Y? This lineup would be decent with him instead of pNshr even though the latter is still a good option.