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sopa de macaco uma delicia
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cs fucking died at late 2017
FalleN 100/30
akkari 2/38 GOD
Portuguese speakers, please come here
sjkahdsjkadgakjdgasdka gr8 joke
Portuguese speakers, please come here
That's the best part of the book. The discussion between "Ok, is it really right to condemn this children because of what they do?". After you read about their past stories, about their families, abou...
Portuguese speakers, please come here
I really love Machado, one of his works that really got me was "Memórias póstumas de Brás Cubas". I don't know how the translation was made, but the language he uses and the way he writes, at least in...
Portuguese speakers, please come here
Totally, probably the second most classic book here. It only loses to Dom Casmurro, which is another GREAT book by the way
Portuguese speakers, please come here
I'm pretty familiar with Portuguese and Brazilian literature, but i have never heard of him. That makes me think that he's not very known, at least here in Brazil. If you are interested in Brazilian...
u know u are being just as toxic as the br fans right
Is this alowed?
put it in google translate and hear the pronunciation, they are REALLY similar words https://translate.google.com/#pt/en/janela https://translate.google.com/#pt/en/favela
Is this alowed?
the first point is not a joke, you can search br pro players tweet's and there will be a lot of answers of brazilian people responding with "VAMOOOO FAVELA CARALHOOO" or something like that can you s...
Vo da o cu
This is an international site, please write your comment in English. Comments in another language will be deleted.
Is this alowed?
1: the fans were screaming "favela" not "janela" as some people say. (brazilians often say favela themselves when cheering for brazil against a foreign team) 2: the players cant hear shit with those ...
Is this alowed?
good ol' "sk cheats" argument huh
even if sk is tired
the effort and the concentration they put in the game is big. it does make them exhausted, dont you feel a bit tired of playing a game after a long time too?
Coldzera mom
dude, thats just unfunny and cringy.