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Ugliest language?
My mom's language when i do something stupid
your phone?
note 9, wanted to upgrade to note 20, but bought a tab s6 instead. best combo
cows in russia
that was a trap. in reality, further down the road, this happens:
Tab A 10.1
some of them dont. i was looking to buy tab s6, but cant really justify the price just to use it mostly as a sat nav and play sudoku on it
One interesting thing about ur country
Gimme some
One interesting thing about ur country
i kinda like transalpina more now, it's a bit wilder
One interesting thing about ur country
"hear a song from the gipsy kings, very great music <3" are you on drugs mate?
One interesting thing about ur country
you cant hate someone without a brain, he doesn't know you hate him, so what's the point? it's like hating a rock, it doesn't know you hate it, and that makes you an idiot. and your taste in music is ...
Shaving legs
i shave only one leg at a time, i dont have money for both
or maybe they do this to shake the current market. being a big name, when they offer a contract to a player, it's hard to refuse. this way they play with players minds that it might be possible to be ...
damn, i knew org are hungry for money, but this is fucking unbelievable. forcing players to work just because they want to emerge in full force on new markets and trading platforms, cutting wages and ...
ty, will read it now
is it all true? wtf?
They just released hl3 on your computer