15.05.2020 - faded away while listening to

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Heretics vs G2
I hate my life so much.
Heretics vs G2
Round over - Winner: CT (13 - 14) - Bomb defused kennyS defused the bomb AmaNEk killed Lucky with fiveseven (headshot) AmaNEk + nexa (assist) killed kioShiMa with awp kioShiMa planted the bomb (2on2) ...
Heretics vs G2
if they lose from 7-0 now...
Heretics vs G2
Round over - Winner: T (15 - 13) - Enemy eliminated nexa killed Maka with ak47 (headshot) nexa planted the bomb (1on1) nexa killed xms with ak47 (headshot) nexa killed Nivera with ak47 (headshot) x...
Endpoint vs KOVA
bet on KOVA = play worse than Faceit level 5 ber vs KOVA = play like gods typica. shjit. if i didnt bet kova would just win that pistol round 4v3 and it would be 12-6 and they would win the game l...
FaZe vs NiP that's how I lose bets..... vs Nemiga
just another match for me lead 1-0 lead 12-9 -----> lose 4v2 ------> 12-14 (instead of 14-9 lead) lose the map lose 1-2 no words. vs Nemiga
Now you finally get the feeling i've been having this whole team on every match..
classic loss for me... 8-3 on T-side of nuke and lose...
forZe vs Gambit Youngsters
people think it‘s a throw but no one will ever believe that they lost because I betted on them...
GODSENT vs mousesports
This is just fucking insane even with huge favorites this still happens to me... 8-5 ---> 8-11 11-12 ---> lose to full eco with 1 awp ---> lose 11-16 no words...
Natus Vincere vs Syman
I bet on Syman = lose to Hard Legion I bet vs Syman = beat NaVi classic.
North vs Movistar Riders
how does this keep happening to me... on overpass they lead 11-9 on CT-side then lose ridiclious 5v3 and it's 11-16... on vertigo they lead 8-3 and then it magically becomes 8-12... then 12-12 just...
Cloud9 vs Envy
Another insane unexplainable loss to my collection... I’m out of words this is just unreal Comeback to 12-11 on nuke to of course lose in such painful shit after 14-14 they lose vs low go players the...
Cloud9 vs Envy
I don’t understand how it’s possible.... I will never stop wondering how this always happens to me... this is just beyond insane I have no words... I want to die