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My (giri) friend
One's luck is others misery. People get into relationships way too easily. It's because they need someone to support them.
My (giri) friend
What if your gf really wants to sex op and doesn't do it because she "belongs" to you?
Finnish women's (help)
They are Nazis, hf.
My Tinder ROMANCE Goes On
Use condom.
kebab price in your city
I don't eat that so dunno.
Talking w/ girls
She's shy/unsocial/depressed/boring Or maybe your questions or you aren't interesting then. If you like girls like that then be patient if not then Just move on, there are nicer girls.
I live in finland AMA
300g of meat has around 60-70g animal protein, which is a fine intake per day. You gotta include all the dairy products and eggs to it as well tho. More than that can be really harmful to your health....
I live in finland AMA
Why 300 grams per day? Have you really studied this subject or only read a random website from google?
I live in finland AMA
Meat is not good food tho. Only idiots eat too much of it. Healthy food is pretty cheap in Finland.
IQ test
- Your favorite cs go pro player - device - Your age - 26 - Who will win, logan or KSI? - What, who? - Is VP fixed now with snatchie? - Nope. - Who will win the faceit major 2018? - Faze
need advice on running
Do you aim to lose weight, get a good feeling or exercise your lungs and body? a standard preparation for me would be eating something light two hours to 30 mins before it, fruits for example and dri...
need advice on running
Depends on what you do want to achieve from it.
most famous guy in ur nation
Nothing on Netflix
hbo >>>> netflix
Do 10/10 girls exist
ur mom and wife are 10/10. Wtf u talkin' bout?