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Ryzen 7 2700X build
The performance on all other things but gaming.. It's like to be twice as fast on the 2700x.. And 4k resolutions gaming, the 2700x is faster than the 8400. Playing in 1080p the 8400 is just slightly...
Ryzen 7 2700X build
Yeah but on 4k resolutions 2700x smashes 8400.. And while streaming. (maybe in 4k as well). But look the other benchmarkings.. not only gaming.. the 2700x has twice the performance in some tests.
Ryzen 7 2700X build
I would change the SSD.. So basic for such a powerful PC. Take a M2 SSD with 120gb just for the OS and 240gb with a Samsung SSD (the best on the market). And also.. RAM speed is very important with r...
Brazilian imitating German player
Yeah he loves language he even learned a language called 'PAPIAMENTO' that is spoken in ARUBA. It's a mix of Portuguese spanish, english and dutch.
Brazilian imitating German player
Hahah no.. the 'ühhh' he says with all players(nationalities). I think he wants to say that brazilians speak like that and he's putting the brazilian way together with foreigner accent.
1050 TI or 970
GTX 1050 PassMark score - 5,903 GTX 970 PassMark score - 8,590 ----------------------------------------------- GTX 1050 - Power draw - 75 W GTX 970 - Power draw - 145 W --------------------------...
Brazilian imitating German player
Maybe that's the only thing he actually spoke in german.. Yasmin ICH LIEBE DICH I know cause i had a german girlfriend
Brazilian imitating German player
Madrid's version
Brazilian imitating German player
Baguette's version
Brazilian imitating German player
The boludo's version.
rate my girlfirend
Judging by those decorations on that incredibly small room, i'm pretty sure you are from Russia, Poland or Ukraine. (i mean this girl).
SK -fer
beating optic and NIP
A lot of words are similar in English and Portuguese, just changing the last part. Basically.. Word ends with TION -> In portuguese ÇÃO. Confederation -> Confederação Resolution -> Resolução Infor...
I just did it.. Played a match and it worked fine.. let's see...