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SA irrelevant country
Colombia Argentina Brazil Lmao it is as easy as Europe
Your dream girl?
ok men
Trump best?
Born in the UK with Citizenship and also an iranian Citizenship. Bring facts? wtf are u on about Im just telling u that ur views are bigoted lmfao
Trump best?
I was born in the UK; You can't talk with reason; so talking isnt an option for you. You are rude and disrespectful; like most trump supporters
Trump best?
-I already have a 10 year visa for the US -Narrow minded thinking pattern? Just because I don't align with your bigoted views makes me narrow minded? You are lost my friend. Have a good life
Trump best?
Interesting rebuttal to insult one's opinion; commendations to you Sir. As I said, I am not a government offical? U going on about sanctions of Iran isn't answering my question. I hate the government...
Trump best?
I am an anti-trumper because of my flag; I am a medical student in the UK and I am being denied access because of the actions of MY COUNTRY?! I AM NOT A TERRORIST? SO WHY SHOULD I BE PUNISHED?! I fee...
Trump best?
two wrongs don't make a right? SO for that reason you do it too? I don't think u understand what is being said tbh
Trump best?
Is it really? May I draw your attention to the topic at hand? Edit: Throwing out "issues" that you see are not issues to others
Trump best?
You are deviating from the point at hand. None of us here ever mentioned Obama's ability as a president; This is about Trump. Therefore your justifications and accusations are irrelevant.
Trump best?
+1000 Baguette 1 - 0 Brain
rain bot?
hmm, isnt he support doe?
I rate your fav CSGO player
SmithZz (titan 2014)
skiing is suicide
Every sport can be dangerous done incorrectly. For example: Football (Soccer) going for a tackle wrong could lead to a broken leg. Rugby/American Football: enough said; Paralysis, Death, Broken Bones...