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Luminosity vs SK
They might, but im sure its a matter of pride that they beat every other Brazilian team
Liquid vs Cloud9
Sure to be a sick match
Ya the white edges look quite bad
girl taken?
Just try to get to know them better as people like ask about their hobbies and see what you have in common before worrying about if they are dating someone. Once you get to know them you'll find out ...
BnTeT new best player?
true but machinegun was an all aim no brain type player and in Asia he always went for ridiculous peaks and never got punished. Benet on the other hand is much more intelligent in the way he plays im ...
duttdutt vs ex-DarkPassage
this should be interesting :)
Misfits vs Cloud9
thank god can finally get some sleep :)
Misfits vs Cloud9
wtf is going on was the match cancelled?
Misfits vs Cloud9
From what I understand from the misfits players tweets it seems that esl is forcing them to replay the entire round
OpTic vs CLG
Man its so depresing remembering that around the same time last ear hiko was one of the best na players and now he cant win 1v1s against cutler
Immortals vs Misfits
realy no chance for immortals to lose a bo3 against misfits right now. They are a much more complete team and fnx is bound to rip bae gares a new one
North vs Space Soldiers
ya they hacked msl's brain and forced him to buy the second gun round auto as well I assume?
Rush vs Eanix
idk after watching rush play im quite surprised that they managed to even make it out of premier last year they seem to have very poor decision making skills and arnt much more skilled then most of th...
mousesports vs Kinguin
mouz 4 relegation
Immortals vs OpTic
fnx to cut hiko a new asshole