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f0rest is the GOAT?
how can NEO be tied up with f0rest? who was NEO in csgo?? :D
f0rest is the GOAT?
f0rest 2013-#2, 2014-#7, 2015-#16, 2016-#7 shox 2014-#8, 2016-#13, 2016-#6 both have one major shox- 2 major finals f0rest- 5 major finals shox-4 MVPs f0rest-8 MVPs what makes shox better in csgo p...
NiP come on
well maybe they are just not that good? they are past their prime? look at Vp players they reached 30 and they are washed up af f0rest still competing in playoffs in big events and putting up decent n...
what does money have to do with that?
Is NIP a tier 1 team?
yeah they all can beat each other so maybe consider someone like Vitality lower t2 or 2-3 and teams that are not that good to be tier 1 so maybe like 1-2 but there are guys that are like tier 1 - Astr...
Is NIP a tier 1 team?
well i would say Astralis top tier and other teams tier 1 by that logic we dont have any tier 1 tournaments cuz we have 1 tier 1 team and bunch of tier2-3 teams
Is NIP a tier 1 team?
why was tier 3 scene before like below the top 20 and tier 1 like the 5-8 teams making it consistently to playoffs competing there and between that tier 2 wtf how can there be like 3 teams in every fk...
Is NIP a tier 1 team?
so there are no tier 1 tournaments by your logic
Top 4 Teams in World
i thought i was replying to that 200 IQ guy that put NRG and Avangar in front of them ofc they are not 2nd
go back to jungle :)
2 headers and a penalty is not deleting a team by yourself :)
Champions League Quarter finals
i wrote down some shit that made no sens so i changed it for this one
Champions League Quarter finals
Reply needs to have actual content
Top 4 Teams in World
online cs one bo3 :) putting them into top 4 Astralis would rape their ass on LAN like they did to everybody at major
Top 4 Teams in World
you maybe missed they were in the semi finals at major? Avangar went 2-3 and NRG 0-3 :)