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Best AWPer from your country
+1 FalleN, HEN1 isn't good. Cold, kNg, ArT are all better awpers than HEN1
Best AWPer from your country
JUGi ia a solid awper, 2nd best.
+1 social democracy, sturdy regulation and anti corruption policies.
Brazil come here
Basically? Because people are dumb and easly manipulated.
free auti
That's usually how great teams are built, getting good players from other teams. And C9 is strong org that have been found wanting.
why ENCE don't get BPS points
"Wild Card/Qualifier teams will not receive points" Clearly stated there... 7 teams, ENCE is not listed, so they are wildcards.
free auti
C9 should get: Autimatic (Riffler/Secondary AWP) NIfty (AWP) Ethan Brehze Stanislaw (IGL) sg@res (Coach) gg
LG/SK didnt have an era
oh boy... thank you! Brazilians are passionate about their (e)sports, tbh brazilians tend to pick a side on any subject, specially in a contest. If there's a brazilian native we will prolly support h...
bisexual people
Even if it lasts for life that does not change how s/he feels attracted to other people. Same way a hetero or homo doesn't stop feeling attraction toward others because he is in a relationship. And if...
bisexual people
Just try to be happy mate, every fucking day, try to be happy. Life is just too short to spend time caring about people who obviously don't care about you. People are always trying to be part of some...
bisexual people
bisexual people
Omg people do talk properly in HLTV. thank you doggelito.
bisexual people
Mate I was starting to writing you an essay about stereotypes, social behavior, patriarchy and feminism, and all that stuff to try to illustrate where their hate/fear come from, so you don't feel wron...
bisexual people
Why does monogamy should choose a team? I mean monogamy is staying (not cheating) with one person for as long as the relationship last. So if said relationship is for life, good, you still attracted t...
bisexual people
Unless you are doing something against another person, like sexualizing /abusing a kid, commiting a crime and stuff. Your own sexual thing should suit you fine as long as it also suit the person with ...