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"ISSAA highlights" = the whole match.
top 10 awp
TACO's mind explained
Poll SK
I do think they will, the key strength of SK players is resilience, they never give up, they keep trying to improve things. Eventually they will find their way back to the top. Specially after failing...
5 underrated pro players
suNny, Ropz, JUGi, Mixwell, KRIMZ.
5 underrated pro players
I like this list, -NAF -RPK +gla1ve +KRIMZ
5 underrated pro players
karrigan overrated.
+de_dust2 -what ?
Nor Inferno or Train they were just redesigned.
Warm: Red berries, Lemon grass. Iced: Mate herb.
Brazil friends come here pls
Neymar Jr: Today, imo, football is nothing but a total improv. Reporter: Is it so? Where do have you learned to improvise like this? NJr: Truth is, i've I learned is to simplify. Since I was a kid I'v...
Shoul I leave CS
Hey, stemcells dude! Just try something untested. Might get awesome psychic powers!
Shoul I leave CS
According to the majority of scientist, lost braincells never come back.
Suggest me a song from your country (traditional)
This does not represent brazil, as "traditional" but a fraction of it. Rio Grande do Sul (the state which him is from) is just one of the 27 states of the nation. Its also a peculiar state, so peculia...
Inactive player who would like to see again
shroud, but... the old shroud, not that PUBG streamer.
"i'm IGL myself..." 0/8 You are so good and better than those that you are in the scene, right? Its different to call strats in MM and call it in pro level, and do that with their level of attention....