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life after 30
As an over 30 I confirm that is scarily fucking accurate.
Your BMI
BMI is totally wrong and makes people have weight complex issues. You can be called "over weight" and still look perfectly fit and healthy.BMI, IMO, should be removed.
KFC scammed me
my local kfc do this so much we dont leave the drive thru window till we checked it all, normally the sauces u pay for they miss out for us, annoys the shit outta me too bro, i feel ya
diet - breakfast
I can see your point and I recognise that, I was trying to be direct and to the point was all.
diet - breakfast
You pull out donkey articles to say eggs are bad for you? How about an actual factual scientific journal that proves eggs are healthy? "Countless studies" lmao.. countless papers say Ronaldo is signin...
diet - breakfast
Please tell me what part of my post was rude exactly? OP asked specific questions with any information, can't answer a question without the correct information. I followed up with sound professional a...
diet - breakfast
Thank you. Its exactly just to the point. I also responded and gave advice after my original post.
diet - breakfast
You did, you said eggs and oatmeal are not really healthy. If you want to lose weight, its a simple formula of calories in v calories out. You need to get your height and weight, and use a caclulato...
diet - breakfast
Someone who says eggs and oatmeal isn't healthy doesn't deserve a response. You have gave us no info on yourself about what your aims are (cut, bulk, shred etc). Pointless.
faceit free
The problem I find is communication, most of the time people won't speak (could be because of english, idk) I solo queue once a day on faceit free if my friends aren't on and I normally find myself in...
Quality, the movement is terrible but he's just playing anti flash.
Laugh at a pro team you all dream you could be apart of.. these threads never make sense to me.
UK users come here
I can only apologise on behalf off other brits for this, my friend and I were talking why a lot of people just dont use there mics when they're in-game with us and we asked a few people and a few resp...
thx man :(
play csgo first time in month, update, cant play face it, nice.,