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Note 10 plus or iphone 11 pro max
I got myself an s10+ a while ago, I miss iPhone and would switch back if I could. Both are great, just personal taste I guess :)
FaZe disband
I think you might be right, but as IGL he would probably do it better than NiKo himself. And maybe it's a great match with the coach Ynk as well. He seems to be one that prefers structure and set stra...
FaZe disband
Sorry for the late answer. I think MSL did great for a while in dignitas and in the beginning of North as well. Every line-up after that has felt a bit unstable. He certainly is a better IGL then NiKo...
FaZe disband
Remove rain + Broky and add MSL + konfig. Could work :)
good netflix series
White Collar is awesome :)
Why are women so bad at CS? (Actual question)
Well said, thanks.
Why are women so bad at CS? (Actual question)
Many things that video games require that differentiate men and women in regards to physical abilities favour men. The speed of Limb Movement slightly favoured men (g=0.05) Wrist-Finger Speed strongl...
A walk to remember
rip nip
Well, if you can't beat the best teams you go straight out of the playoffs anyway. Unlucky draw? Sure. The big question is why they keep play train all the time :)
MiBR is the new VP????
MiBR is still a good team, the problem is dust2.
It's a major, you should beat the best teams. Still, bad luck with draws tho.
16-0;1 curse
Haha yeah, that would be crazy, and I think it's gonna happen :)
How TF North???
It's incredibly weird losing the semi-final 0-16 then win the same map in the final with 16-1. Amazing it would have been with 16-0 tho :)
16-0 on Dust2 means nothing!
And yesterday FaZe won 16-1 first map and still lost to mouz. Always impressive to see teams shake off such a big loss and come back :)
2-0 matches today
Yeah, I didn't see a 2-0 coming from NiP today, they played solid against an underdog :) Looking forward to the next game now, I doubt it will end 2-0 either way.